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    D2D History

    Dayton 2 Dayton has been an annual tradition for the University of Dayton Upperclassman students since 1977. What started at first as a handful of students turned into hundreds of flyers each year heading from Dayton to Daytona Beach after finals and catching rays on the pool deck! As it grew, an official committee of students would pass down the torch each year, electing a new committee with the university overseeing the operation. In 2018 the University decided it was time to cut ties with the trip. This did not stop the student committee from continuing to keep the tradition going and running the trip themselves with the support of a travel company. Each year since, new travel companies have been found to help make it happen. But only this year, in 2025, it's different!

  • Lowes Fest Enterprises

    Lowes Fest Enterprises

    Since 2018, travel companies such as Pollen, Campus Vacations, Just College, and Jampack have taken advantage of the flyer students and the committee. This has led to the lack of budget to bring in the big musical acts that Dayton2Daytona used to have, such as Mike Posner, Mac Miller, Shaggy, and Waka Flocka Flame. That is why Lowes Fest Enterprises was born. Founded by a former Dayton student co-director of the trip, Lowes Fest Enterprises knows that the student committee does all of the heavy lifting to make this trip happen, not these travel companies with no affiliation with this trip! That is why we will not only bring in bigger artists in 2025 but also plan to profit share with the students running the trip, giving them full access to the accounting books to learn what it takes to run a successful business similar to Flyer Enterprises. 


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Are you passionate about the pool deck? Here's your chance to be apart of the team that makes this annual trip happen! Our Student Co-Director & Committee Applications are now open, offering you the opportunity to join a dynamic team dedicated to creating this unforgettable experience for your fellow flyers!

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